Camp on the Ehe-Ger river

The working camp on the Ehe-Ger River and the campaign to Shumak, which has already become traditional, have ended.

The trail to the Shumaksky springs passes through the territory of the Tunkinsky National Park. It is situated behind the pass and goes through the forests in the Okinsky district. Part of the trail is on the territory of the Shumak Nature Park.

The repaired area has a lot of large stones which have different surface angles. It is especially dangerous for a tired traveler. In two days of work, we improved 800 meters of the trail. The groups of tourists from Shumak sincerely thanked us for the new safe path.


We held the Tourism Festival. It is organized especially  for people who visit Shumak mountain area first time. Next day we met a group of Buddhist lamas. We participated in spiritual service and water worship.

Future plans

The rescuer of the Kyrensky rescue squad, Yuri Angaev, appreciated the physical and psychological skills of the pupils of the Kabansky rehabilitation shelter. And Sergey Sushkeev, the head of the tourism department of the Administration of the Tunkinsky district, invited Suslov Borya and Lubsanov Sasha to his place for vacations. The guys liked to ride horses. Sergei Matveyevich wants to show how the people of the Tunkans live in the village.

Plans for the next year:

We plan to recruit more volunteers from the local residents (this is especially difficult, because the people want to earn money, and not to spend it).

The great objective is to improve the 5 km of the trail, not only in the Tunkinsky National Park, but also beyond the Shumak Pass in the Okinsky District.

The next expedition with the participation of orphan children will be held at a higher technical level. We bought new equipment: boots, pants, jackets, backpacks and so on. That is money of Presidential Fund,

What are the lessons we’ve learned? For the first time used a jackhammer which was bought due to the presidential grant specifically for the project on the river Ehe-Ger. Also we bough generator. After a little torment we learned how to extract electricity from it. Now we can charge any gadgets.