GBT-Buryatia is planning the trail to the Peak of Love

GBT-Buryatia is planning the trail to the Peak of Love in Tunkinsky National Park.
At the invitation of the Directorate of the Tunkinsky National Park, a field expedition to build a trail route to the Peak of Love was conducted from June 14 to 18. Annually hundreds of tourists coming to the resort village of Arshan storm the nearest mountain – Peak of Love. Very often people do not understand what they can face in the mountains. For example, a colorful description of the mountaineers from Irkutsk region:
“It is very easy to get lost on the trails. I had a map and the navigator could not reach the stream of Artemyev for a reasonable time so that I could go up to the lake further along it.

The stock of strength was rather weak. A lot of people told me about warm clothes in the Eastern Sayans and even told terrible stories. As a result, I diligently dragged it along. Have you ever had Alpenshtoks? Rope? First-aid kit? The list can be continued.

There was almost no time reserve. For example, just a half-hour downpour could lead to the fact that you would have to be stuck upstairs. It is not a rare case there. I felt it this year, but already in the village next to the house. ”

Here is another instructive description from which you can draw conclusions about what you need to take with you, even on radial trails.
The draft of a new trail route should be publicly discussed, amended and as a result, a feasibility study and a business plan for the trail should be made. Perhaps it will be financed and carried out work to build a safe and interesting trail for tourists already this year.

See you at Great Baikal Trail Buryatia!