The “Path of Courage” project

The first stage of the “Path of Courage” project.
Participants in the campaign to Peak Chersky got acquainted with the route, went through 15 bridges built by volunteers. Evgeny Rakityansky – the head of the “Baikal Project” spoke about the technology of building bridges, the history of the trail. Thanks to the work of volunteers on the “Baikal Project” the path to the Peak of Chersky became the safest for tourists. Many tourists died here quite often. Now, even during floods, hikers travel along the bridges. Mortality is reduced to zero, and the flow of tourists has increased from 20 thousand to 80. A part of the route of the trail passes along the historical Tea Way. The need for this complex route has disappeared after the Suez Canal was built and bales of tea and other goods were transported by steamers.
All the days of the trip were sunny, except for a small thunderstorm during the descent from the mountain. The participants of the ascent could behold waterfalls, lakes, beautiful mountain flowers and grandiose landscapes.