Большая Байкальская Тропа

Work camp on the Shumak path # 3

International Volunteers

Crew leader

Leader Assistant
 (to be determined later)

Date: August 15 – 25

Types of jobs :

  • trail corridor clearing trail
  • surface flattening


Description Day Resources
1. Departure from Ulan-Ude to the base of Sukhoi Stream c. Hoyto-Gol, lunch in Baikalsk. 15 monday Bus from Ulan-Ude to Kyren
2. Departure from Dry Stream to the place of the Work Camp 16 tuesday  Pack horses throwing tools and products
3. Arrangement of the camp, the beginning of work to improve the corridor of the trail, 17 wednesday  
4. Trail work 18 thursday  
5. Trail work 19 friday  
6. Trail work 20 saturday  
7. Trail work 21 sunday  
8. Trail work 22 monday  
9. Departure to Shumak 23 tuesday   
10. Shumak streams 24 wednesday  
11. Shumak streams 25 thursday  
12. Shumak streams 26 friday  
13. Leaving Shumak 27 saturday  
14 Leaving Shumak 28 sunday  
15. Departure to Ulan-Ude 29 monday Bus from Hoyto-Gol to Ulan-Ude

Project goal: Development of ecotourism in Tunkinsky and Okinsky districts of Buryatia. Reconstruction of a universal trail, along one of the most popular and famous routes since the Soviet Union.

Preliminary scope of work: Volunteers will have to start work on a site 10 kilometers from the village of Khoyto-Gol, in the valley of the river Ehe-Ger. Arrangement of the trail involves clearing the corridor of the trail, excavating the soil, building structures, and rebuilding bridges.
The team must have a leader (team leader), organizing the work of volunteers and the life of the group in the camp, and a translator, providing communication between the participants and organizing a cultural program on the project.
Depending on the weather and the condition of the group, the team leader has the right to change the daily routine. The average working day is 6 hours with a lunch break.

Accommodation and meals: Volunteers live in a stationary campground in the taiga and in alpine meadows. According to the duty schedule set by the team leader, the participants will prepare food at the stake for the whole group and equip the camp. BBT-Buryatia buys products for two weeks, and also provides the necessary group equipment, tools.

There is no hot shower on the project, but you can boil water and wash yourself, or swim in the Ehe-Ger river. You can also familiarize yourself with a menu.

Weekends: Hike to Shumak sources. Participation in the traditional Surkharban festival. Traditional types of national wrestling, pushing the Shumak log, volleyball, elections of the 1st Dangina (beauty) of Shumak
Project loads: Moving along the trail up to 15 km per day km, working with tools – shovels, pickaxes, dragging logs, stones and other types of physical work. Also throughout the project you will need to participate in the improvement of the camp.

Please note that the volume of the backpack must be at least 90 liters. In connection with the peculiarities of the local climate, it is necessary to take a jacket from rain and wind, a sweater and pants. Also pay attention to shoes – they should be comfortable, light and not slippery.

We strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the list of necessary equipment, information on tick-borne safety, as well as frequently asking questions and our dictionary.

The project began at the city of Ulan-Ude. Participants meet in the center of Ulan-Ude on June 28 at 9 a.m. (the place will be specified later. It is advisable to arrive in Ulan-Ude in advance so as not to be late for the group meeting). From Ulan-Ude, in a minibus ordered in advance, the group leaves for the Khoyto-Gol settlement.
Cost: The total contribution for the project, which includes meals, travel, cultural program and accommodation in the camp during the project, is 20,000 rubles.

We can reserve you a place when paying 20% of the contribution (4000 rubles). Prepayment will be used for pre-purchase of products, project preparation and administrative expenses. Prepayment is not refundable. The number of places on the project is limited!

  • Please fill out the application only if you are 100% sure that you will participate in this project.
  • If you have not received a response within a week or if you have any questions related to participation in the project, please contact our coordinator yakovsuknev@gmail.com directly

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