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Projects old 2018

General Project Schedule for 2018


Trail building!

Shumak Trail Camp

June 27th— July 10th, 2018

July 11th – July 25th , 2018

July 26th – August 9th , 2018

Locations: Tunkinsky National Park, Shumak Water Springs (Buryatia republic)


Tankhoi Bikeway Trail Camp

July 15th — July 28th, 2018

Location: Kabansky region, Republic of Buryatia.


Turka Trail Camp

June 25 th — July 08th , 2018

Location: Pribaikalsky region, Turka village (Buryatia republic).


Ulyun Trail Camp

August 10th – August 24th , 2018

Location: Buryatia republic, Barguzinski region, Ulyun Village, “Kabarozhy” Reserve.


Conquer the summits!

April 26th – April 30th , 2018

Traditional annual climbing of Munku Sardyk Mountain

Location: Republic of Buryatia


Trail reconstruction!

June-July, 2018

Locaton: Ulan-Ude, “Snezhinka” biathlon complex.

  • Bridge construction
  • organization of accessible trail for low-mobility groups
  • organization of hiking marathon for Nordic walking lovers

Forest fires exstinguishing and prevention

April 15th – October 15th, 2018

Location: Kabansky, Pribalkalsky and Horinsky regions of Buryatia republic.

  • Information stands set up
  • Surveillance cameras set up
  • Organization and management of Forest fire extinguishing events

Project team:

15 people including one crew leader, responsible for the group and an interpreter (?)

Typical work day:

6 work hours, one lunch break. Work schedule can be changed by the crew leader due to weather conditions and other reasons.


Accommodation and food:

During the project volunteers are usually camping and sleeping in tents. According to the schedule provided by the crew leader, all of the participants rotate through their everyday camp duties (cooking, taking care of the camp, etc.)

Food and equipment for the project are provided by “GBT-Buryatia”.

Days off:

Every project has 2 days for fun activities. The activities can vary due to the project (excursions, sauna, sunbathing on the beach, rafting, etc.).

GBT volunteer has to be ready to:

  • Hike at least 3-4 km a day
  • Work with trail building tools (shovels, pulaski, etc.)
  • Lift and transport logs, rocks and other heavy objects

Meeting point for GBT projects:

Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia.


It’s important!

To reserve your spot as GBT volunteer you must pre pay 20% of the project fee in advance. That will help organization and administrative expenses prior to the start of the project. Prepayment is NOT refundable.

GBT volunteer MUST:

Get vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis prior to the start of the project.


“Great Baikal Trail-Buryatia” Association

Autonomous Non-profit Organization “Baikal Volunteer Corps”


“Travel, benefit the environment – plan and built Baikal Trails!”.



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