From 16 to 26 August Shumak working camp No. 3

The group led by Ilya Kurdyukov improved 200 meters of the path, removed and took out 60 kg of garbage. As in previous working camps, the group exercised another important function. The base camp, located on the trail, became a place where tourists from different cities of Russia could dry, warm, drink hot tea, change clothes. Someone caught sight of the weather soberly evaluated their strength and returned back, someone received support and refreshment went off to the side of the pass. It was nice to meet a group of Irkutsk tourists who expressed sincere gratitude to our children for their help in climbing the pass.

A group led by Vyacheslav Tsibikdorzhiev, temporarily in charge of the head of Tunkinsky district visited Shumak. The group also included: Sergei Sushkeev, head of the tourism department of the Tunkinsky District Administration. A keeper from the Okinsky region, representative of the Burpriroda Vladimir Mushtalev.

The goal is to resolve the conflict between the tenant Oleg Grazi on the one hand, the locals and tourists on the other. Numerous facts of violations on the part of the tenant have been found. A stone building of a bath was built on the right bank of Shumak. Unauthorized obstacles were installed with the use of technology of charge rupture, which is not permissible near springs. Numerous excesses of their powers were made by representatives of the Buropriroda, who are also employees of the Oka-Shumak LLC base.