Shumak Trail Camp

Participants: international volunteers
Crew leader: Kurdyukov Ilya
— June 26 — July 10
— 11 July — 25 July
— 26 July — 09 August
Types of work:
— cleaning the corridor of the trail
— alignment of the canvas

Illustrative schedule

Week day


1. Departure from Ulan-Ude to the at Sukhoy Brook base at Khoyto-Gol, lunch in Baikalsk.

26 Mon.

Minibus travel: “Ulan-Ude – Kyren”
2. Hiking from the base to the place of the Work Camp

27 Tue.

Horse packing, gearing
3. Trail work

28 Wen.

4. Trail work

29 Thu.

5. Trail work

30 Fr.

6. Day off. Excursion to the ornithological station of the Baikal Biosphere Reserve

1 Sat.

7. Trail work

2 Sun.

8. Trail work

3 Mon.

9. Hiking to Shumak

4 Tue.

10. Shumak Springs

5 Mon.

11. Shumak Springs

6 Tue.

12. Shumak Springs

7 Wen.

13. Hiking back to the camp

8 Thu.

14 Hiking back to the camp

9 Fr.

15. Departure to Ulan-Ude

10 Sat.

Minibus travel: “Kyren – Ulan-Ude”

Project goal: Development of ecotourism in Tunkinsky and Okinsky districts of Buryatia. Reconstruction of the universal trail, one of the most popular and famous routes since the times of the Soviet Union.

Preliminary scope of work: Volunteers will do the work on the trail, which suits to the active tourism lovers. Clearing the corridor of the trail, excavating the soil, building structures.
The team must have the crew leader (brigadier), who organizes the work of the volunteers and the life of the group in the camp, and an interpreter providing communication between participants and organizing a cultural program on the project.
Depending on the weather and the condition of the group, the crew leader has the right to change the daily routine. The average working day is 6 hours with a break for lunch.

Accommodation and food:

During the project volunteers are usually camping and sleeping in tents. According to the schedule provided by the crew leader, all of the participants rotate through their everyday camp duties (cooking, taking care of the camp, etc.)

Food and equipment for the project are provided by “GBT-Buryatia”.

Days off:

Every project has 2 days for fun activities. The activities can vary due to the project (excursions, sauna, sunbathing on the beach, rafting, etc.).

GBT volunteer has to be ready to:

  • Hike at least 3-4 km a day
  • Work with trail building tools (shovels, pulaski, etc.)
  • Lift and transport logs, rocks and other heavy objects

Meeting point for GBT projects:

Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia


Cost: The total contribution for the project, which includes food, travel, cultural program and accommodation in the tent camp during the project, is 16,000 rubles (approx. 250 USD, 215 EUR).


It’s important!

To reserve your spot as GBT volunteer you must pre pay 20% of the project fee in advance. That will help organization and administrative expenses prior to the start of the project. Prepayment is NOT refundable.


GBT volunteer MUST:

Please get vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis prior to the start of the project.


“Great Baikal Trail-Buryatia” Association

Autonomous Non-profit Organization “Baikal Volunteer Corps”


“Travel, benefit the environment – plan and built Baikal Trails!”.


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