Большая Байкальская Тропа

Great Baikal Trail Dictionary

Project — often referred to as a specific volunteer camp, held on time. For example, the project “Work camp on Shumak trail No. 1” is carried out strictly on time, that is, it has a beginning and an end, its goals and objectives. The duration of most projects is 2 weeks.

Volunteer — a participant in the project «The Great Baikal Trail.» One of the team led by the team leader.
Team leader — supervises the work on the site of the trail (or other object) according to the specified tasks. The team leader may have an assistant.

Translator — speaks English. Helps volunteers make communication. On his shoulders is a daily evening entertainment program.

The objectives of the project are most often to work with the canvas and the corridor of the trail, the construction of structures: entrance groups, direction indicators, bridges, gati, strengthening slopes, etc.
Work is physical labor. We work up to 3-6 days in a row. There are also weekends.

The day off is a special day when the group goes on a hike, rides a boat, goes to a Russian bathhouse, climbs a mountain, arranges a folk festival and so on.

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